Hilton in Myanmar starts waste coffee grounds program

07 May 2019
Hilton in Myanmar starts waste coffee grounds program
Hilton Mandalay is directly opposite the Royal Palace. Photo: Hiton

Hilton Hotels in Myanmar has launched a programme that turns waste coffee grounds into “coffee briques” that can be used for cooking and heating, Thailand’s The Nation reported.

The simple steps to make coffee briques were demonstrated for the first time last Saturday at Hilton Mandalay, the first Hilton property in Myanmar to launch the programme. Coffee briques are eco-friendly fuel alternatives to normal charcoal. Hilton is implementing the coffee briques programme as part of its long-term sustainability commitment in Myanmar, the report said.

More than 140 kilograms of used coffee grounds collected over two months have been dried, starched and moulded into briquette. These are now being used as an alternative to charcoal at Hilton properties.