Health services monitoring 59 Myanmar students in Mandalay

03 February 2020
Health services monitoring 59 Myanmar students in Mandalay
Myanmar students, who were evacuated from Wuhan, arrive at the Kantaw Nadi hospital in Mandalay, Myanmar, 02 February 2020. Photo: EPA

Health services personnel are closely monitoring 59 Myanmar students, who were brought back from Wuhan city of China, to the isolation rooms of Kandawnadi Hospital in Mandalay, state media reported.

They arrived at Mandalay International Airport at 4 am yesterday.

Out of registered 63 Myanmar students in Wuhan, four students were left behind in China as one did not meet its immigration rules, another one was outside the province and the other two got a high fever and required medical treatments there.

Dr Than Than Myint, the head of Mandalay Region’s Public Health and Medical Services Department, said, “A medical superintendent from Mandalay General Hospital has been assigned at Kandawnadi Hospital, together with two nurses and two health workers, providing medical services to these students. After 14 days, the students will be sent back to their homes. I’d like to request the public to report on seeing any ill persons or their illness to get medical treatment as Mandalay is a destination city of many Chinese visitors.”