Freedom of expression in Myanmar is a concern

Freedom of expression in Myanmar is a concern
Photo: Tun Tun Win

PEN Myanmar secretary Han Zaw said that freedom of expression in Myanmar is a concern.

A press statement was issued at the PEN Myanmar Office situated in Sanchaung, Yangon on May 2 by PEN Myanmar and its 17 partner organizations and says they conducted an assessment on freedom of expression in Myanmar from May 2018 to April 2019 in which they gave only 6 marks out of total 60 marks on six issues relating to law, regulation and procedures.

PEN Myanmar Secretary Han Zaw said, “This survey was conducted for freedom of individuals in their daily lives besides media freedom. We gave scores to six main indicators and we found that only six marks were obtained out of total 60 marks. So, we see freedom of expression is in Myanmar is a state of concern. We have to disclose this point since freedom of expression is the most fundamental part of democracy.” 

PEN Myanmar looked at six major issues: law and procedures, orders and directives, digital freedom, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and opinion, right to information, security safety and protection with total marks of 60 and then the assessment showed Myanmar got only 6 marks.