Foreign business chambers in Myanmar commit to ‘minimize’ waste during events

26 January 2020
Foreign business chambers in Myanmar commit to ‘minimize’ waste during events


Our Chambers of Commerce and Industry are committed to reducing our environmental impact and encouraging sustainable practices. We have therefore agreed to adopt an Event Sustainability Manifesto, to minimise single-use plastics and waste from our events.

As our Chambers of Commerce and Industry often host and organise events, we have both market power, and outreach. We can choose venues which share our desire to reduce the wasted generated during events. We seek to influence the many people who participate, and to prompt them to adopt a similar approach. By working together, we can all make a real impact on reducing the burden of waste in Myanmar and raising public awareness.

We therefore will choose venues which are committed to removing single-use plastics including bottles, straws, utensils, cups and wrapping and replacing them with reusable alternatives. We are aware that removing plastic goods is not always achievable. Therefore, where it cannot be avoided, we hope venues can maximise recyclable options rather than disposing of waste in landfill.

This policy will be applied whenever our Chambers host, pay or sponsor events and selecting venues. We also encourage our member businesses and organisations to take the same approach and demonstrate that we can all reduce, reuse and recycle to minimise single-use plastic and other forms of waste.

The signatories of this Manifesto have undertaken this initiative to show that we are willing to act together to support sustainable development in Myanmar and the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan.

This is an initiative of the European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar, with the support of the Myanmar Center for Responsible Business (MCRB). For more information, check MCRB