Chinese national charged with human trafficking

10 April 2019
Chinese national charged with human trafficking
Photo: Ye Zarni

A Chinese national who married a 17-year-old Myanmar girl, was charged with human trafficking in Lashio after the bride ran away.

In this case, police personnel from No. 16 Anti-human trafficking police unit (Lashio) investigated the case on April 8 at 7 a.m. in Khaik Tway village, Lashio Township after receiving a tip-off that a young Myanmar woman had ran away from her Chinese husband as she did not want to go to China with her husband.

The police unit questioned the girl (17) and her mother hailing from Hpat Kwan village, Tanyan Township and learned that Aik Kham Lian from the same village, Ar Phu and his wife Ar Shin from Naung Mon village visited their house and told them that they were searching for a bride for a Chinese national. They people persuaded them by saying that they would be better off if they married the Chinese national as they would get six million kyats from groom as dowry.

After 5 days, the girl married Zhang Hua Lian (33) hailing from Sut Hong city, Jiang Su province, China and her mother Aye Phyan was given 6,060,000 kyats by the groom. The police press statement says that after staying with her husband for about one month, the bride ran away from her husband and came back to Khaik Tway village after being scolded and threatened by her husband.