Chinese business travellers allowed entry to Myanmar under new scheme 

11 July 2020
Chinese business travellers allowed entry to Myanmar under new scheme 
Photo: AFP

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director General Aung Kyaw Zan told Mizzima that they had a plan to allow Chinese travellers who wished to enter Myanmar under a special scheme for urgent business matters.

The travellers who want to visit Myanmar urgently to implement business works, projects, construction work and departmental work will be allowed to enter the country under a “Fast Track” scheme which will give them a special quarantine programme.

Under this “Fast Track” scheme, these foreign travellers may come to Myanmar by relief flights, special flights and chartered flights.

Deputy Director General of Consul Services and Legal Affairs Aung Kyaw Zan said: “The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over but business persons, experts and academics have to come to our country for their essential and inevitable visits. Under the normal quarantine programme and under the normal entry, they have to spend many days in quarantine. They don’t have time to spend these long days. So we arranged the “Fast Track” scheme for them not in order to prevent delay to their work. They can enter our country easily and speedily without any hassles.”

The Myanmar embassy in Beijing issued an advisory which says that the Chinese travellers who wish to visit to Myanmar under the “Fast Track” scheme can apply for visas and the embassy will arrange this.

The “Fast Track” scheme will be expanded to other countries too.

The travellers who enter Myanmar under this scheme must bring a COVID-19 negative medical certificate along with them and they must undergo facility quarantine after landing and then the nasal swab for COVID-19 test will be taken from them next day and a second swab test will be taken after five days. These travellers can do their work only after showing negative in both nasal swab tests.

The costs for laboratory tests shall be borne by these travellers.

Myanmar has banned all scheduled flights until the end of July this year in order to work to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.