CBCM demands termination of Myitsone project

12 June 2019
CBCM demands termination of Myitsone project
Myitson dam project site. Photo: Mizzima

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar (CBCM) demanded a stop to the Myitsone dam project on June 8 in a statement. Bishops from all 19 religious’ territories in Myanmar included Cardinal Charles Maung Bo.

The economic benefits which can be gained from the Myitsone dam project were negligible in comparison with the destruction of society and environment and moreover it will make internal peace farther away in Myanmar, the statement says.

The bishops said that the proposed dam site was on a fault line under the riverbed of Ayeyarwady River and the building of a gigantic dam on this fault line will put intense pressure on it.

The Myitsone dam project agreement was signed by the then military regime and President Thein Sein suspended it during his tenure. The current NLD government has hinted resuming the project.