Aung La N Sang wins world martial arts awards

10 November 2018
Aung La N Sang wins world martial arts awards

Aung La N Sang was awarded ‘Male Athlete of the Year’ and ‘Bout of the Year’ awards at the 2018 Global Martial Arts Awards ceremony held at the JA Marriott Hotel in Singapore on November 8. 

“My dream is to become an athlete who can compete with anyone else. I’ll try to become a good athlete,” Aung La N Sang said after being awarded the two titles. 

He was awarded ‘Bout of the Year 2018’ jointly with Japanese athlete Ken Hasegawa. He said that he was pleased with being awarded this title. 

He told Myanmar media after this ceremony that he would come to Myanmar again in coming December though he had no more competitions in Myanmar this year. Aung La N Sang lives in the United States.

Before this award ceremony he was a popular candidate to win five titles in Martial Arts Hero of the Year, Male Athlete of the Year, Bout of the Year, Knockout of the Year and Walkout of the Year prizes. 

In this ceremony total 16 prizes were awarded to winning athletes. 

Aung La N Sang fought a total of 34 bouts with 24 wins and 10 losses. He has not been defeated since January 2017 and he has become One Middleweight Champion after defeating Hasegawa in Yangon on June 29 in Yangon.

He has schedule to have a bout in the coming March but there will be no bouts for him in Myanmar.