Administrative apparatus oppressing people unwanted, President says

25 May 2019
Administrative apparatus oppressing people unwanted, President says
Myanmar President Win Myint. Photo: Min Min/Mizzima

Myanmar President Win Myint said that the administrative apparatus should not be oppressive and it should give liberty, safety and happiness to the people.

“We don’t want the administrative apparatus that puts pressure, persecute, oppress and restrict the people,”President Win Myint said.

The President said these words at a meeting with government employees from departments in Naypyitaw held on 24 May at Naypyitaw Council Office.

President urged the government employees to avoid ego-centric work in administration.

“We must transform ourselves in building a democratic country. Don’t look at your ego only. It will not be beneficial for the country if one focused on one’s own ego. Ego-centric work will not see for other people, country and citizens,” President said.

And also President warned the government staff to treat all people equally in accordance with the law, and to disregard their status, power and influence in the judicial sector which was vital in building democracy.

“Don’t accept any request coming from your community, family, siblings, relatives, friends and even your voters to do this and that work. Don’t accept such requests at all. Please do the right thing only,” the President said to officers from government departments who attended this meeting.

This is the first ever meeting with government staffs from departments by the President in Naypyitaw. He also met government departmental staff from Bago and Yangon Regions, Mon and Kayah States when he visited there in recent months.